Monetize To Make Money  

Make Money From Writing Series - Part Three
Monetized Content

Monetize To Make Money  

When you monetize to make money from writing content...similar to making money from freelancing or selling PLR ...instead of writing to sell your articles, you are writing for your own use. You may choose to fill  a blog or website with content. Then you find ways to make money from that content. Of course, you've seen masses of "content" on the web, so you know you may turn your writing into social media posts, reports or ebooks, too. Some written content is used to teach classes or webinars or be made into audio recordings or used for podcasting.

Once again this way to make money from writing can give you a lifestyle that includes working from home or your favorite cafe, choosing your own hours, and even working in one specific area of your choice.

Just like publishing books and information products, monetized content allows you to be in complete control of the work you do.

Basically, you pick a niche topic and you create free content on blogs, offer a newsletter, post on social media and more. You attract an audience that is looking for content on the topics you write about and then you monetize that content.

How To Monetize To Make Money  

You can monetize the content by:

  • Recommending products as an affiliate for other companies. The company provides you with a special referral link and when someone buys from that link, you earn a commission.
  • Displaying advertising on your website. You can sell ad spots or work with an ad network like Google Adsense, which pays you whenever someone clicks the links on your page.
  • Create your own books and information products that you sell to the audience consuming your content.

How To Monetize To Make Money: A Couple Things to Keep in Mind  

Where you start in your goal to earn from your writing is up to you, but keep these things in mind...

1. Pick One Approach to Focus On  

Many writers try to balance trying to get clients and creating their own info products and that is a tough way to go. Often the products never get done or the client work suffers. Instead, put your full effort into one thing and you'll see success much more quickly. Eventually, you can start adding and adjusting as you see some success, but when you're brand new and just learning the ropes, doing more than one thing dilutes your success.

2. Be the Best at What You Do

If you're working with clients, always do your best work, meet your deadlines and avoid making excuses. Be prepared for constructive criticism and respond to it appropriately. If you have a new client, first impressions are critical, so do everything you can to ensure their experience with you is flawless. A new client is potentially a repeat client that can earn you a lot of money over time, so make the best impression possible.

If you're venturing out on your own, creating your own products or publishing content yourself, always think of how you can serve your audience best and do what you can to do deliver that. Check out what other people are doing in your niche and work to stand out from the crowd to grow a loyal audience.

What to Do Next: Download This Free Guide

If you are a writer with some experience, there are  more than a few ways to begin to make money with your writing skills.

If you're ready to start brainstorming on the writing markets you might explore, we've got a free guide called 34 Ways to Profit from Your Writing. Click here to get your copy.

How Can I Make Money from Writing?

We hope you understand by now that there are many ways to make money from writing. Let's go through these options to see what might be best for you.

Here's a recap:

A few ways you can approach making money from writing:

  • Work as a freelancer and apply to the many thousands of job listings you can find online.
  • Start your own writing business where you serve a clientele of people that you love to work with.
  • Create your own books and information products that you sell, building your loyal audience along the way.
  • Publish free content (think blogs, social media) and monetize it with offers for products you get paid for.

Which you decide will probably depend on your immediate needs, preferences and long term goals.

Monetize To Make Money  

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Part Two: Freelancing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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