Money Saving Tips

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Here are some money saving tips that will help you find the best bargains so you can get what you need for less.

You may never pay full price again with these best pennywise tips!

5 Money Saving Tips

1. Buy off-season

Look for bargains at at your favorite store. Check out the clearance section when looking for clothes but also look for air conditioners and lawn mowers at the end of the season or during the winter. When stores only have a few items left, they want to move them out - so they'll be offering bargains.

2. Buy in-season.

Buy your groceries (fresh fruit and vegetables)in season and on sale for the best bargains in the produce department. Not only will you find the freshest produce with the highest vitamin count and best flavor, but you can also access your local farmer's market or road side stands.

3. Organize (and limit) your shopping trips

Buying local produce is a great way to cut the usage of long distance trucking costs and pollution but when you organize your shopping trips to limit your running around you use less fuel, too. You'll be saving time and money!

Instead of running to the store every day or every time you need something, spend more time planning menus so you have everything you need on hand. Keep a handy shopping list pad on your refrigerator to write down items as you use them up.

And when you have a list, and keep to it, you'll limit the window shopping and browsing you might do otherwise - and that will limit your impulse buying.

4. Use coupons.

Learn to "clip and save" and you can save a bundle of money. But there are 2 key points you'll need to remember:

Keep your coupons in one place so you don't forget to take them with you, and,

Don't buy anything just because you have a coupon.

Wise shopping rules still apply and if your family doesn't like it, you haven't saved a penny if no one will eat it or it never gets used.

5. Compare package sizes - larger doesn't always mean better.

Read the price per unit or price per kilogram. A larger quantity may not be the better deal. It pays to check and compare. Sometimes two of the smaller packages at regular price is a better deal than the jumbo size bargain.

So take the time to figure out the breakdown. And, if your family is smaller or it's an item you don't use up quickly, having 2 small packages may mean better long term storage.

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