Build a Natural Bird Feeder 

The More Natural The Better

Attract bees? Attract Butterflies? Now build a natural bird feeder to attract and keep your local bird population. These are all small but vital ways we can increase the health of the Earth and our local communities.

Why Should We Make a Natural Bird Feeder? 

As more homes are built, more trees and natural landscapes are destroyed to make room for them and our ever expanding communities. Even though the natural habitats may be bull dozed away, there are stills ways to help our bird populations thrive and expand.

Birds are fantastic creatures.  Not only do they serenade us with their sweet song and are lovely to watch but they also help keep our garden eco-system friendly. Birds remove a whole host of creatures and insects from the garden and help keep the vital balance in nature. 

Feeding them is the number one way to increase their numbers in your garden. 

How To Make a Natural Bird Feeder 

A platform, an apple, and a bird cake ball.

Here’s how to do it:

1. The best natural bird feeder is simply being as natural as possible.  Using natural twine, string up peanuts (in their shells) and hang from trees.  You can also string up apples, rosehips, berries, seed heads, and kitchen scraps.Very popular, and super simple, is using the net bags that come with onions to hold everything.

Decorate your creations by tying fir cones to the bottom.  For example you can attach a fir cone to the bottom of the string and place a few apples or fat balls on top.  The fir cones will help the birds balance.

You can tie these edible bird feeders from old tree branches all around the garden – the more the merrier - or hang them from your feeding station.

2.  Construct your own feeder – This is far easier than it sounds.  As long as the birds are fed you really don’t need anything fancy.  An old piece of wood and something to attach it to will do – you can use the top of an old shed or a sturdy tree branch.  Simply nail your platform in place and add nuts or seeds to attract the birds. 

You can also use old twigs shaped and tied together to form a nest shape which you can then attach to the trees. 

A pre-made bird house can be given a special touch with a little non-toxic paint and a few edible decorations such as hanging berries and peanuts.

Bed & Breakfast for Birds: Add edible decorations like fir cones hanging by string from the roof of this bird house. Birds like a variety of foods - you can make your own) and one they really enjoy is simply peanut butter slathered onto fir cone and rolled in seeds.

What a feast these birds will have when they visit this bird feeder. Notice the use of coconut half shells. Empty coconut shells can be filled with suet mixed with bird seed, dried fruit, etc. which is especially good for winter feeding. Or you can leave all the coconut still in it, maybe score the coconut meat a few times, and add some sunflower seeds or your own bird seed mix to it. I like the versions where just 1/4 of the shell is removed, leaving a bit of a cover.

Making a natural bird feeder isn’t difficult.  Simply use your imagination and remember the task at hand – keeping the birds fed and happy – it really doesn’t require a whole lot but you will get a lot of pleasure from enjoying these lovely creatures all year in the garden.

Oh, one more word from the little fella below:

3. Don’t forget the water – Birds need hydration just like humans.  If you don’t have an actual bird batch then simply add a few old pots of water throughout the garden.  The birds will find their way to them and use the water to drink as well as cool down. 

Looking for another cute idea? You'll love this one from Erin's Blogspot.

Look for the Update on her page where Erin answers questions about her bird feeder design and how she made it. Her little wren sounds so sweet - and that's just part of the joy you can experience when you step lightly into the realm of Nature and get involved in a good way.

Enjoy all your experiences and magic moments with birds, bees and butterflies in your garden, too!

Annual Bird Counts - Great Backyard Bird Count

Do you love birds? You might want to take count in Annual Bird Counts in your community.

Here are some news stories you might be interested in:

If you missed the Great Backyard Bird Count this year (they take place in February), mark your calendar for next year. Learn more by finding a local group and getting the details of what you can do to further help  bird populations.

We loved sharing these tips on how to make a natural bird feeder because we love feeding the birds. Please feel free to feed the birds (always keep Mary Poppins happy) and to share the tips. If you do, thank you. We appreciate it! The birds thank you, too.
Just one more good way to make the world a better place.

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