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Stress Reduction The Natural Way

Are you looking for  a more natural stress relief option? Today's world is stressful, people often feel buried under a load of worries, relationships fail  sometimes for reasons we don't even understand, and even the best families worry about their children's future, their businesses or careers and how they will cope. And we haven't even touched upon world events.

One thing we are all in agreement about is that we can no longer cope with that stress. And pills just aren't always the answer.

More and more people are turning to natural stress relief to deal with both temporary and long term stress. In this article we will look at several popular methods of natural stress relief that you might want to consider.

But first, let's look at what stress is.

Stress is a natural physical response that our bodies use for dealing with dangerous situations. When we are under stress a red alert goes out to our endocrine system to produce plenty of adrenaline so that we can defeat the threat or run away - known as the 'fight or flight' response.

Sometimes this is appropriate and useful. For soldiers in war conditions, for people faced with a mugger or if you are crossing the street and suddenly see a bus hurtling toward you, you will need all of that adrenaline to give you what may seem like superhuman energy to deal with the situation.

The problem comes when we are facing non-physical threats such as difficulties in relationships at home or at work, financial worries, a bad housing environment, etc. In those situations we never work off the extra adrenaline that the body produces. We fail to digest food properly as the digestive system shuts down so that more energy can be released for fighting the threat, etc.

That is chronic stress.

Self hypnosis audio from hypnosis

It will be clear from all of this that medication may not be the most effective answer. Repressing our symptoms of stress by taking anti-depressants or tranquilizing drugs is only likely to push the problem below the surface where it may contribute to serious disease. That's why so many people look for natural stress relief.

Of course, most kinds of stress reduction techniques are 100% natural.

Here are some ideas you might like to try:

1. take more exercise

2. eating a healthy diet

3. practicing relaxation

4. meditation or yoga

5. self hypnosis and visualization

In times of life crisis, whether wild fires or smoldering stress, the first thing I do is go back to basics... am I eating right, am I getting enough sleep, am I getting some physical and mental exercise every day.

Edward Albert

All of these things can help your body to deal with stress in a completely natural way. But sometimes you may need a more immediate natural stress relief solution.

What then?

1. Tea:

You might find it hard to believe, but a simple cup of tea can deliver effective natural stress relief in many situations. Try green or white tea if you don't like regular black tea. Leave out the sugar which can cause energy highs and lows.

Or better yet, find a soothing herbal tea whose aroma you enjoy. There are many herbal teas that by their very nature, relax and calm. Even a cup of hot water with  teaspoon of honey and some cinnamon can lift your spirits while calming your mind and body.

Tip: Turn your used herbal tea bags into scented sachets. Simply dry out the used teabags thoroughly. Save them up and empty them into a small sachet. The scent remains for a long time. Small sachets that you can warm in your hand or larger ones that you can tuck under your pillow are delightful! You'll love them!

2. Passionflower:

Passionflower has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia and it can be an effective form of natural stress relief. One of the benefits of using it for stress is that it is believed to improve concentration and work performance.

So if your stress is work-related, passionflower may help you to relax and deal with your workload at the same time.

Please Note: There can be side effects such as nausea. Consultation with a medical practitioner is recommended.

3. Valerian:

Valerian is also often prescribed by herbal medicine practitioners in cases of insomnia, but it can help us to relax and get over our stress in the daytime too. As with passionflower, valerian is not suitable for everybody and can have side effects, especially if taken along with other herbal remedies or medications, so consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking it.

4. Aromatherapy:

It is only in recent years that research has been carried out into the effects of smell on our well being, but it is becoming clear that it is an important factor. If you are able to set up an essential oil burner in your home or workplace safely, lavender is the top choice for stress.

Other oils to consider for natural stress relief include:

  • ylang-ylang,
  • sandalwood,
  • geranium,
  • bergamot,
  • jasmine and
  • rose.

Use any of these oils, that are pleasing to you, in your bath or bathroom, find scented candles, and add scents to sachets.

Use any of these relaxing natural scents while you listen to your favorite hypnosis programs for relaxation.

Best Pennywise Tip: We like to use scented eye masks or warm scented neck pillows when we are relaxing with our latest hypnosis download. Oh, mamma! So good!

5. Coloring:

Coloring has become a popular natural stress relief trend as a tool for relaxation with many books, some of them very expensive but well worth it, on the market.

It's so easy, you don't even need to buy anything. Just start drawing and coloring. 

Love coloring. I miss the days raising my children or when I could babysit my grandchildren and we would while away an hour or so coloring.One afternoon with 6 year old Allie, I sat down to draw with her. She was drawing a scene with flowers in it, so I followed suit adding in some shading to a tree trunk on mine. Soon her eyes were riveted on my drawing. Finally, as I paused, expecting her to ask how to do that, she looked up at me and said: "Would you like me to show you how to draw a bird?" A new skill she'd just learned and there she was ready to pass it on. I still have the drawing!

Grab a children's coloring book from the dollar store or something more intricate. Dig some pencil crayons out of the stash in the cupboards and you're all set.

Coloring mandalas, with their repeat patterns, can be especially soothing and calming. Even with a simple pattern , like this one I made, can be made more involved by ow you color it. Those empty spaces can be colored in with more designs and shapes of your choosing.

Do full size pictures at home and carry small pocket sized one in your purse. 

Possibly the best natural stress relief there is! Bringing out your creativity.

6. Natural Stress Relief Self Affirmation, Quotes

I am willing to release anything within me that blocks my changing, in the most natural way possible.

7. Natural Stress Relief Self Hypnosis & Visualization

As a hypnotherapist, I first learned myself and then taught others through sessions natural and easy ways to relax. The secret with hypnosis or visualization is practice. That's right...repeat, repeat, repeat. Just like teachers have you do! It's very true that practice makes perfect. But it's also, just like working out at a gym, that the 'repetition' of practice achieves your goals. It works for stress relief, too. What you are doing when you listen to a session is training your body (and your thoughts) to behave how you would like them to behave.

That's what you are searching for with natural stress solutions. We can't always change our situation (our boss is our boss, our children are sick, money is low) - and we certainly have less chance of changing the stresses in our life if we are stressed out - but we can gradually alter our responses to stress.

I highly recommend the hypnosis practitioners and the psychology behind their programs at Hypnosis Downloads. Search their selection.

It's a good place to invest in yourself and a better future.

Here's two selections - there are hundreds more - that might help you with stress relief.

Stop All or Nothing Thinking:

When we look for natural stress relief techniques, one of the first things to consider is our thinking patterns. This first hypnosis program will help you learn to Stop All or Nothing Thinking.

All or nothing thinking is when we see things as all good or all bad. End of the world thinking. All black or all white. No gray in between. It becomes a common thinking pattern with people who find themselves overwhelmed.

That's right. Overwhelmed. Being strong for too long. (Not a fool, or a loser, or a weak person, or anything. Just overwhelmed.) And that's okay.

It means you have some learning to do. Some skills to acquire. You can learn those skills through any stress management program or book, but that's what it is, very helpful but 'book learning' that you need to convince yourself to learn and remember at the right time. The difference with visualization or self hypnosis is that by relaxing yourself first, lessening the 'noise' of daily distractions, your mind accepts the lessons more easilt. That makes it faster, simply because, if what you hear or see in your mind is acceptable to you, then you just accept it into that vast store of knowledge in your mind. If you repeat the process  a few times, then when you need it, the skill is there.

If you have anxiety or find this is a common reaction to stress, I would recommend this program. Once you can stop this 'stinkin-thinkin' pattern you'll be pleasantly surprised how 'back to normal' you begin to feel. It's a skill worth learning.

Power Naps:

This next program is excellent for anyone who needs to take a break half way through the day. Not just for executives or people in high pressure jobs, this program also works well for expectant moms just like the hypnobirthing programs suggest.

Bonus! Your baby will thank you. It's true. Moms who practice hypnobirthing before birth (which includes relaxation skills) often note how relaxed their infants are; their babies are simply more relaxed and often recognize the music in the relaxation sessions after birth.

Power naps are just short relaxation sessions, whether you sleep or not. After my second child was born  (and I had a new born plus an 18 month old) I found I could close my eyes while I was sitting on the couch for only ten minutes - and I would feel as if I'd slept for an hour.Research has even shown that having a nap after studying something new makes the new knowledge more firmly settled into your brain .

Harvey B. Simon, M.D., Editor, Harvard Health

"Picture the peaceful sleeper nestled under the covers: body at rest, breathing and pulse slow and steady. But beneath that serene surface, the brain is hard at work, processing the events of the day. It sorts and files, makes connections, and even solves problems...even a brief nap may boost learning, memory, and creative problem solving.

Micro naps. For many people, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find 45 minutes to nap. In a German study, a six-minute snooze helped volunteers recall a list of 30 words they had memorized earlier."

Relaxation 'Power Naps'
(CD or tape)

Four 15-minute deep relaxation sessions for that mid-day 'power nap'.

Get a free download from Hypnosis on the Uncommon Knowledge Facebook Group

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