Neck Exercises

When signs of age start to show, or maybe before they do, use these neck exercises to firm sagging skin.    

Facial muscles lose elasticity over time. Soon you may begin to notice some wrinkles around the eyes and face.  But a second area that is often neglected is the neck and throat skin. The skin here can become loose and saggy as this area tends to show age faster than other areas of the face. 

Of course, some people resort to invasive surgeries to reduce the sagging skin around the neck. Very expensive. Before you do that, try some neck exercises to firm and strengthen the area. Women have been using these great exercises for a long time! They target the neck area and reduce the saggy skin and are much cheaper than a facelift.

Let's take a look at some effective neck exercises to help tone the neck and throat and reduce sagging.

1. Sit on the floor and have your legs folded comfortably and your back straight. Or sit in a chair. Slowly tilt your head backwards and hold this position for 10 seconds.  Return head to the forward position.  You should feel the stretch in the jaw line as you do this exercise. 

A yoga movement, sometimes called Kiss the Ceiling suggests doing this left, right and back, and puckering up as you are kissing the ceiling. Just that much more stretch.

Repeat this exercise for five sets.

2. Stay in the sitting position, relax your shoulders and look straight ahead.  Turn your head slowly to the right and have your chin even with your shoulder.  Hold this position for five seconds and then return to looking straight ahead.  Repeat on the left side so you are looking left and your chin is even with your left shoulder.  Hold for five seconds and then return to the facing forward position. 

Repeat this exercise three times on both sides.

3. Still in the sitting position keep your head facing forward and your shoulders relaxed.  Tilt your head to the right side and hold for five seconds.  Come back into the middle.  Tilt your head to the left side and hold for five seconds, then come back into the middle.  You should feel the stretch in your neck during this exercise.

Repeat this on both sides for three sets.  You should feel the stretch in your neck during this exercise.

4. On your hands and knees.  Drop your head down toward the floor and keep your neck, spine and elbows straight.  Slowly inhale.  Exhale slowly and as you do so curve your back downward and lift your head upward. 

Repeat this five times.

5. Sit on the floor facing forward.  Tilt your head back slowly and move your jaw up and down.  Hold this position for ten seconds then return to the forward facing position. 

Repeat this three times.

These simple neck exercises are very effective for toning and tightening the muscles in the neck and throat area. They don’t take long to perform and when you get into the routine of doing them, you’ll find the time goes back quickly. If you do these exercises every day you will build stronger muscles that will give you a more youthful appearance.  Performing the exercises every day will start to give you results in a couple of weeks.

Try to stay in a calm, relaxed mood while doing these exercises so the muscles are relaxed and more flexible for the exercises.  Burning a candle or listening to relaxing music can help to relax you and create a more enjoyable mood. I like to finish up by applying a beautiful scented lotion that softens the skin and makes me feel wonderful.

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