Organized Workspace

The Key To Reducing Stress in Your Home Office

8 Tips on How to Organize Your Home Office with Streamlined Style

An organized workspace is essential for people who maintain an office at home. The home office might be just for the general family to use, for homework, hobbies or balancing checks. But, today, many people bring work home from the office and, of course, many people nowadays run their entire business from home.

This can be more relaxing and even save money. Yet working from home can also be surprisingly stressful. One way to combat the extra pressure and reduce stress levels is to maintain an organized workspace.

Creating an organized workspace is essential to maintaining a feeling of professionalism while allowing a more relaxing work area. There are many attractive products to use, many of them quite inexpensive. Some very simple design ideas can create a work area that is efficient and elegant.

You'll feel better and work more efficiently.

Keep these simple design ideas and organizing tips in mind.

1. Carve out space

There's not necessarily a need to dedicate a whole room in one's house to office work. Perhaps a little conversion will do the trick. You may be able to convert an unused closet or turn an out-of-the-way corner into a small home office instead. Or let a seldom-used room such as a formal dining room perform double duty.

2. Be a master of disguise

Hide office clutter by stashing electronics in a closed cabinet, files in a stylish cube, and paper clips and other small items in cloth-covered boxes.

3. Tuck away tech gear

It is easy to get tangled up in cables and accessories for computers and digital cameras.

Take control of cords with some cable disks that hide excess wires. Stow CDs and DVDs in attractive albums.

4. Soften the impact

To prevent the home office from looking like a sterile, fluorescent-lit cubicle, let in lots of sunlight and make the space inviting with fabric accents, fresh flowers, and soothing colors that suit one's decor.

5. Move out anything not office related

To really keep an organized workspace, you'll need to keep the clutter down. One way that works is to maximize desktop space by hanging family photos on a wall instead of setting them on the desk. Remember when you keep the clutter down and you'll have less clean-up overall, too.

6. Get a good seat

Consider ergonomics when picking a perch. Opt for a soft-edged chair that provides back support.

Keep one's hips, shoulders, and ears in vertical alignment; and holds one's arms bent at the elbows at 90 degrees.

7. Use a three-file system

Keep the flow going while everything is neat and tidy.

For instance, you could sort all documents as:

Active ( those that you are working on now),

Research (those that still need future access), or

Archives (those that are not in present use but still need to be kept).

8. Organize often

An individual should always take 10 minutes after he or she is done working to put away papers so the desk area and shelves will never become an eyesore.

Keep a small notepad or noticeboard that you can see at a glance so you can make a note of office supplies you may be running low on, files that need sorting, or tomorrow's agenda.

Planning ahead saves time and lessens stress.

Indeed, keeping one's home office neat is the ultimate solution to many of life's petty home problems.

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