Philippines Typhoon Haiyan

November 14, 2013 - Disaster In the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan - We've all heard about Typhoon Haiyan  and the desperate need of many thousands, or is it millions, of people in the Philippines.

I know you want to help. Let me tell you about one way you can help all the men, women and children affected by Typhoon Haiyan because maybe you're like me.

To me, it seems as if most people send money to massive Non-profits or NGOs (non-governmental organizations) but all too often the money gets spent on wages and not enough goes to the actual people or community in need. I like to donate to my church because I know they send aid world wide and it comes through donation and volunteer work. Not a lot of disaster aid response organizations are like that.

But today I found another one. In my local news, my local community. These people hit the ground running and just 'get to work' creating shelter for people as quickly as possible - and what's so amazing, is that they create these homes from found materials as much as possible. They don't wait for shipments to come in, they just get to work.

Now let me tell you the part that wrenches my heartstrings even more - they pay their own way and DO NOT take any pay. (I wish they would take a little) But they are all about service to others and helping as much as possible so the money goes straight to help the people who need it. True humanitarians.

Today I had the supreme pleasure of speaking with Laura Allan, president of Shelters International Disaster Response (SIDR) . SIDR has been quietly working for a number of years by going into communities stricken by disaster and helping to build safe shelters.

I was deeply impressed by her commitment to others and going what I call "the extra mile".

This is "Pennywise" thinking - using our resources (ourselves, our knowledge, our abilities) to help others even if it seems as if it's just in a small way. (That's if you call 400 wells, 600 permanent homes and 700 homes rehabilitated and more, 'a small way'.

The thing is "small things lead to great things".

To get more information or if you can donate or would like to volunteer, please go here. It will take you to their site where you can make a donation through Paypal. You'll find their contact information there, too.

Laura and her team are busy-busy-busy but I'm hoping someone might find a minute or two to send some photos for me to post on our Friends of Pennywise page.. I asked if they could send me any photos (yes, I  did feel guilty knowing how busy they are) and around midnight one day, Laura sent some.

Here's the first of the efforts of SIDR helping in the Haiti, in 2008.

Their laughter must have helped the people SIDR were helping in Haiti, too!

I'm sure their good spirits and generosity will be most welcome while helping people recover from the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan disaster, too. 

There are more photos of the SIDR team working in Haiti 2008. Thank you so much, Laura (and Team)  You can see the photos here

Thanks to all!

If you can, please donate or help in any way possible. If you have followed the news, you'll know that  the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan disaster will be a long term recovery and rebuilding project. They'll need all the help they can get and SIDR is there to help.

Here's the link to SIDR again.

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