Quick DIY Masks

Simple cheap masks made from poster board or cardboard you may already have in your home

It’s almost Halloween and you need some quick DIY masks before the hour of ghosts and ghouls. Or maybe you’re just having fun with the kids. Could even be you want to put on a little home-style play (think the Christmas Story) and are looking for a quick way to create the “characters” without fancy costumes.

Here are some ideas I came across in an old book (from the 1980’s) that can help you out.

Find it at Amazon.

Crafts For All Seasons

In a big rush to get this out to you – no time to create and take photos, let alone my own drawings (as if I could) – I photographed the pages of the book for you to see. Not sure if it saved me any time since by the time I snapped the shots of the quick DIY masks, edited them and tried to get them straight (impossible) adjusted for color, labeled them, cropped them, resized them…well, let’s just say, it took quite a while.

The worst part was I kept thinking up more ideas and ways to use these simple, inexpensive masks that went far beyond Halloween.

If you are letting children make their own, get out all your craft and needlework left-overs plus some paper and let them be moved to creativity as only children can be.

Here’s the photos from the book. Maybe you can find a copy of it on Amazon if they still have them but if not the basic template is below.

Quick DIY Masks Instructions

Page 96 in Crafts For All Seasons

Close up. Sorry, I know this is next to impossible to read! But it does give you some ideas.

Enlarge the basic mask template - but don't be afraid to be a bit creative with shape.

Notice it says 1 square or box equals 1 inch. Instead of enlarging the template, count the number of boxes across and down to get the measurements for your quick DIY masks. Make it smaller for littler people and bigger for a bigger person.

For instance, do you want your "King" or "Queen" to be wearing a crown? Either add the crown separately or cut a crown shape along the top edge.

Can't you just see a whole piece of poster board made into one giant face - perfect for an 8 or 10 year old! The rest of the costume is just their legs and arms! At $1.25 a sheet for poster board (my price here in Canada) that is one cheap Halloween costume! Remember poster board comes in many different colors, too.

You don't have to print the template out and enlarge it. Notice that using the 1 square or box equals 1 inch, this mask would be:

Width: 11 inches - across the top
Length: Starting on the left outside line going down the lines (not the spaces) approximately -
5 inches before it starts to angle in
6 inches
7 1/2 inches
8 inches
8 1/2 inches
9 inches in the middle

Now reverse the inches to go back to the right hand side.
If you drew the lines, each one 1 inch away from the last, all you would have to do would be to draw connecting lines  to shape the bottom.

Remember you could change the shape of the bottom, too.

Finally something you can read!

Here's another tip: many children don't like a mask over their whole face - and it's not always a safe thing to wear - so if that is the case, cut a whole circle out from the middle so their whole face , or most of it, is exposed.

You can still add funny eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and beards, even funny ears with or without fancy earrings!

If you don't cut the circle out, here's Lorraine's ideas of how to shape a nose and glue it on.

More tips on how to craft your quick DIY mask. Every time she mentions "curly beards, I can see The Christmas Story being acted out on Christmas morning! And can't you just see the "crowns" for the Three Kings? There's so much free shiny paper used in packaging nowadays, making a glittery regal crown won't cost a King's ransom at all.

i hope you have a lot of fun with these quick - and easy - masks.

Are you thinking Easter Bunny, too? Pink nose, big ears and glorious whiskers!

What favorite story or poem would your family like to act out?

Must admit, when I see all the ideas in Crafts For All Seasons, even though it was published in 1980, I’m kinda tempted by another of Lorraine Bodger’s books, 1500 Great gift Ideas, too.

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