Quick DIY Wigs

Looking for some last minute Quick DIY Wigs for Halloween? These couldn’t be easier – and almost no cost is involved if you use left-over yarn or paper that you might already have around the house. If it came right down to it, you could even use newspaper that you either leave as is (“Head Full of News or Ideas” person) or paint the newspaper before you use it.

I can also see cutting strips of black, orange, or white plastic garbage bags for long locks or braids. Torn up old t –shirts make great long strands of hair that can be braided. Clean out your closets or pick up a few for your local thrift store.

Add ribbons, bows, feathers, silk or plastic dollar store flowers, too.

How about a potted plant from the dollar store or just a regular old hat you beg, borrow or make yourself.

And if you want, glue on a pair of great big ears.

There’s something magical about having a “wig” on to make a person – young or old – feel  like acting out a bit. So make your easy wig as unique and original as you want.

After all it’s your hair! As little or as much as you want. One color or a whole bunch of colors. You decide!

Quick DIY Wigs

I got these ideas, along with the Quick DIY Masks, from Lorraine Bodger's Crafts For All Seasons. You might be able to find it at Amazon here:

Crafts For All Seasons

This one looks as if it is made from a mop - but you could make your own out of leftover bulky yarn or fabric torn in strips and braided.

Cut the center front of the mop into bangs. Braid the rest or tie pony tails. Use different colored ribbons and string to tie them, adding in some barrettes, too, if you want.

Mops tend to separate at the sides. To cover the gaps up, make one braid on each side with some yarn from the front and some from the back and the gaps will disappear.

The Harpo Marx style with lots of curls. These wigs use a T-shirt sleeve as the base. See diagram below.

Cover a T-shirt sleeve with pre-made fringe or bobbles on strips that are used for curtains or tablecloths. Sometimes you can find these for next to nothing at a garage sale or thrift store.

Sew the fringe starting at the top in a circle, then bring it down the sides.

These wigs are made by using the cut off sleeve of a T-shirt. The stretchy fabric makes it perfect to create a wig that slips on easily. You could add string or ribbon that would tie under chin that will help to keep it on, too.

These will help to keep heads warm just like a cap but if you are going out Halloween trick-or-treating, make sure your child can still hear traffic or voices if their ears are covered.

But not all wigs or dress-up is just for Halloween. i think you'll find lots of uses for play or play-acting for these quick DIY wigs.

Please don't staple the fringes on. Little heads might get scratched. If you must staple, then have the prongs of the staple pointed to the top outside - but still be careful handling the wig.

Better yet use as good sturdy glue or sew  the "hair" on or even use  lots of little safety pins.

Lorraine Bodger has other craft books at Amazon. These books are from around the 1980's so they may be hard to find - but very inexpensive if they are in "used" condition.

Here's a handy one for Gift Ideas.

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