Recipes for Pennywise Cooking

Here are some recipes for budget cooking. Frugal meals can be nutritious, delicious and fun. You can stick to your budget or fancy food up as you wish.

Weeknight dinners that satisfy the whole family can be less of a challenge than many people realize. Comforting, filling and quickly prepared meals don't have to mean less nutritious choices for busy families.

You can keep the cost down by buying and using seasonal products, making your own mixes, or cooking in bigger batches (doubling or tripling recipes) so you have meals in the freezer. But almost anytime you cook-it-yourself, you're saving money and probably getting better tasting and more nutritious meals.

Another bonus to doing it the pennywise way when you are cooking is that it is often also time-saving - for those super busy days when you want or need to prepare meals quickly.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and will send in some of your favourite pennywise meals to share with others.

Time-saving Chili is a family favorite for week night family dinners, barbecues or company buffets. One good idea is Quick Chicken Picadillo Chili - a dish with a bit of a bite! With this time-saving dish that's ready to serve in half an hour, the family can be eating in less time than the pizza delivery.
Quick Chicken Chili

Here are 3 versions of Basic Oven Meatballs so you can use 10 lbs of ground meat or 5 lbs or 2 lbs. It's a good way to use those family sized ground meat packages when they go on sale at pennywise prices!  Sometimes called Freezer Meatballs because these are great to package and freeze for super quick meals and snacks.
Basic Oven Meatballs

Meatball Sub - who doesn't like them...all that sauce running down your chin, dripping on your best shirt. Yum! Substitute Basic Oven Meatballs to make it quick and easy.
Meatball Sandwich

Cocktail Meatballs just mean they are a smaller size. These are great finger food for the Big Game. Substitute Basic Oven Meatballs to make it quick and easy.
Barbecued Cocktail Meatballs

Two versions of Barbecue Meatballs, some soups and Meatball Paprikash. You can substitute Basic Oven Meatballs in any of these recipes to make it quick and easy.
Barbecue Meatballs
Cabbage Chili Soup
Hodge Podge Soup
Meatball Paprikash

Pumpkin Bread - not 1, not 2 but 3 ways to make Pumpkin Bread. Buy your canned pumpkin on sale around Thanksgiving and Christmas for your best bargains - or make your own from fresh pumpkins.

Cabbage Relish, Herb Flavored Vinegars, Microwave Stuffed Potato Skins Quick Nachos, Microwave Chocolate Syrup, Microwave Milk Shake, Microwave Hot Chocolate...inexpensive and quick...use them for company, for family, for company and gifts.
Microwave Recipes

Butterscotch Crunchy Bars, Fruit Flavoured Rice Crispy Bars, Chocolate Covered Bananas, Fruit Jelly Squares, Quick Pizza Crackers,Mini S'More Snacks - perfect for family or company and for inexpensive and easy gift giving.
Microwave Treats

What’s the scoop on Ice Cream? Ice cream, frozen desserts or frozen novelties are an excellent choice for simple, delicious and even elegant summer entertaining. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, graduation, summer holiday or family celebration, ice cream and frozen novelties can make any occasion special at a budget friendly cost.
Ice Cream Desserts

Quick and easy Creamed Salmon with variations is also nutritious and sure to please. White or Cream Sauce Recipe plus Storage White Sauce recipe is here, too.
Creamed Salmon with Rice

Here's how to make the Cream Sauce (white sauce) that goes with the Creamed Salmon. Lots of variations for different flavours including Cheese Sauce, Curry Sauce, Creamed Eggs, Mustard Sauce, and Parsley Sauce. This is where you'll also find the directions for Storage White Sauce Mix so you can have a mix on hand.
Cream Sauce (White Sauce)

Three variations of stuffing for whole fish. Enjoy!
Fish Stuffing

Three delightful, delicious and decadent Cheesecakes for Valentine's Day - or any other day of the year. Anyone is sure to say: I Love You!

Creamy Chilled Cheesecake (no-bake)

Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Mint Meringue Cheesecake

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