Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Top 10 Tips To help You Feel Better Fast

One cough or sneeze and you're looking for ways to reduce your allergy symptoms. Me, too. Cough, cough, sneeze. It’s allergy season! No fun

If you have ever suffered from allergies, you are part of a large group of people who deal with this affliction. Allergies have the potential to make life miserable, but thankfully there are ways to combat them.  These top ten tips on how to reduce your allergy symptoms will make life a little bit better.

Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Here are a few ways to help you suffer less and give your allergies a good fight:

1. Maintain a healthy diet.

Eating more nutritious foods is the foundation of all good health. Go organic, if you can, or at least , avoid The Dirty Dozen. Putting the right building blocks into your body is the best way to ensure the proper function of all body systems.

Your body needs a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. This is a good time to make your own juices if you tolerate them, or enjoying healthy, low sugar fruit and vegetable smoothies. They can provide a power house punch of health.

By eating a well-balanced whole foods diet, you will be well on your way to conquering your allergy symptoms.

2. Drink lots of water.

By drinking at least the minimum recommended amount of water per day, your body will be able to eliminate many of the toxins that build up and then provoke allergies. Many, possibly even most people, are dehydrated to a certain extent more than is good for us.

At the best of times, we need more clear, fresh water to flush our systems out and maintain health. Sufficient water also helps lubricate all body systems, in order to prevent irritation.

Need a bit of extra flavor? Add some fresh organic berries or slices of lemon or lime.

3. Avoid foods you are intolerant to.

Even if you do not have a life-threatening allergy to certain foods, those you are intolerant to create stress on your body. Consuming these foods can give your body more of a burden to bear. This in turn leads to a lower tipping point which then aggravates any allergies you may have.

4. Avoid unhealthy food choices.

When your body is struggling to cope as it fights off the effects of allergies, it doesn't need more stress added to it.  Unhealthy food choices can drain your system while offering no nutritional benefit whatsoever.

Avoid baking, especially when they are loaded with extra sugar, like cupcakes with icing and sprinkles. It's not forever, but work hard to ignore the sweets when you are trying to reduce your allergy symptoms.

Need a sweet something? Perhaps make a nutritious fresh (organic) fruit smoothie - but leave the sugar out. If you must add a sweetener, add the least amount possible and go for a local organic honey.

First and foremost, you want to avoid substances and food containing them, such as:

  1. sugar

  2. sugar substitutes

  3. products made with white flour

They cause inflammation which trigger allergy symptoms. To reduce your allergy symptoms, try to ensure that a large percentage of food entering your body is the kind that builds, not destroys.

Watching your diet, and keeping your body strong,  ahead of known allergy seasons will strength it's fighting ability.

5. Add foods containing quercetin to your diet, or take a quercetin supplement.

Quercetin is an antioxidant that is believed to help minimize the body’s allergic response by preventing the release of histamines. If you choose to get your dose through foods, instead of supplements, which contain this, some great ones to focus on are tomatoes (organically grown has higher levels), apples, raw red onions (the outer part, nearest the root is the best) and buckwheat.

These other fruits and vegetables are good sources of quercetin, too. Choose organic: red grapes, raspberries, and green leafy vegetables.

Quercetin is contraindicated with some antibiotics so if you are taking some, discuss this with your medical practitioner before taking quercetin, especially supplements.

6. Don’t forget to take your vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very helpful, especially when allergy season is in full swing, remember this vitamin. Vitamin C decreases the amount of histamine in the blood, which leads to a reduction of allergy symptoms.

Along with being found in supplement and vitamin form, you can find vitamin C in guava, papaya, kiwi fruit, red, yellow and green peppers, oranges, lemon juice, broccoli, mustard greens, cauliflower, and parsley.

Find more Vitamin C rich foods here.

7. Eat raw, local honey daily.

What a sweet way to suffer! If your allergies are caused by pollen, this is quite literally the sweetest way to fight seasonal allergies. Take one tablespoon per day of local honey, which desensitizes your system to the irritant, reducing symptoms while it does so.

8. Take a shower.

One simple way to fight seasonal allergies is to take a shower every time you enter your home. This is a quick way to reduce allergy symptoms by rinsing off any unwanted allergens that could disturb you at a later time.

If you have been working in the garden or out for a walk for any length of time, shaking off your outer clothes outside will reduce the allergens brought indoors. For the same reason, reduce the pollen in your bedroom by undressing in your bathroom.

Then  step into your shower to cleanse your whole body. Let the water run over you and your hair for a while taking time to breathe in the steam.

9. Use a neti pot.

This is a great way to flush out pollen and common allergens from one of their most common entryways… your nose. You can do this 1 to 4 times per day when your allergy symptoms are at their peak.

Using a neti pot may seem strange at first, but people who use neti pots wouldn't do without them. You may find you use it on a regular basis to reduce your allergy symptoms.

10. Exercise regularly.

Because exercise helps your body in so many ways, it is not surprising that it is at the forefront of strategies when it comes to fighting allergies. Regular exercise encourages blood flow, which helps your body to remove allergens more quickly.

There are many easy ways to reduce your allergy symptoms. If your allergies are driving you crazy, try these methods to eliminate them. With a little determination, you can help prevent and minimize allergies from now on.

We'd love it if you shared these great tips so someone else will be able to reduce allergy symptoms, too.
Thanks if you do.

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