Save Money on Toys  

Keep to your budget this Christmas with these 7 tips

Save money on toys at Christmas time and you’ll enjoy your holiday even more.

We all want to make our kids happy and see those smiles when they open up the gift they’ve been waiting for from Santa. We also all know just how limited budgets can be and how many items we need to purchase for the holiday season. Saving money on toys can make a big difference.

Save Money on Toys at Christmas This Way

If you want to save money on the toys your kids have been begging you for since summer, keep the following six tips in mind. They can help you lock in on specific toys that tend to quickly go out of stock while saving you a few bucks in the process. 

Here’s the top 7 ways to save money on toys at Christmas time:

1. Make a list:

Just like Santa if you have a list then you can narrow down your search.  So make a list of all the toys you'll be bargain hunting for before you do anything else. The key to these savings tips is for parents to already have a clear idea of which toys to get! Impulse buying costs more…usually much more.

2. Get Ready for Black Friday

There’s a good reason why Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the season - you can get real solid deals the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's always a great idea to draw up your toy shopping list and head out to the nearest toy retailer on Black Friday, with your list in hand.

3. Sign Up for Toys R Us Rewards R Us Club

Signing up for one of the nation's biggest toy retail chains' rewards club can definitely put you in the inside track for toy discount announcements. Join the Rewards R Us Club and enjoy an instant 10% discount plus further discounts as you rack up points with your purchases. It's a good idea to pair this up with your Black Friday shopping.

4. Get on Twitter and Follow Big Toy Retailers

Many big toy retail chains use Twitter to announce special deals. Follow these retailers on Twitter and set your Twitter account to email notification. This way, you can track of any of the toys on your list being offered at discounted prices.

5. Lock in on eBay Savings Ahead of Time

If you don't want to mess around with lining up at brick and mortar toy stores, you can try your luck at locking in on very low auction prices at eBay. The trick here is to track several auctions at once and get your bid in at the very last minute. You might have to camp out at your computer for this tip but the savings would definitely be worth it.

6. Join Online Group Discount Savings Groups

Groupon and other online discount savings groups are free to join and it only takes a few minutes of your time. These online discount groups will send you periodic emails when there are hot deals available. Sign up for as many of these groups as possible because they might just feature group savings on the toys you're looking for.

7. Don't Forget Craigslist Local Bargain Listings

From time to time, users on Craigslist post very nice deals on new or unopened product packages. If you don't already have your hands full with the tips listed above, add monitoring Craigslist listings to your to do list. You never know what bargains will turn up!

Best Pennywise Tip: Enlist the aid of others to monitor Twitter or sites like Craigslist. Sometimes grandparents or other friends have time to help you out and many would be very pleased to be a part of making a child's Christmas special.

The secret to locking in on amazing deals for your kids' Christmas toys is to pursue as many different savings methods as possible. Due to stocking and availability issues, you wouldn't want to restrict yourself to one method.

Happy Shopping!

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