Sharing makes Good Sense

Share Your Bounty with Zucchini Soup

Sharing makes good sense anywhere, anytime but it especially is a help to those in need. What's the great thing? Everyone benefits. This article from my column Good Cents, shares the experience of being on the receiving end of another person's good deed.

Sharing makes Good Sense

My newspaper column was called Good Cents - and this really did happen.

The Katherine Hepburn's Zucchini Soup was steaming hot and delicious and that fresh baked, hot-from-the-oven multi-grain roll, well, just too good to describe. After 20 years I think I can still smell the enticing aroma of curry that drifted in the front door on a blast of cold air. Aren't friends and neighbors super when their philosophy of Life is that sharing makes good sense?

Having a bounty of something is a wonderful opportunity to share. Its good cents to share in more ways than one.

I've heard many people 'complain' about an unexpectedly large harvest from their garden or orchard and the difficulties of sharing it. And how many farmers just till the last of the crops under after frost has hit them, or throw them in the compost heap, when there are people in their own communities that could use that food.

Do you remember the story in the Bible of Ruth? It was the custom in those days that the poor could glean after the main crops were harvested. Everyone in the whole country benefited by that food policy. They recognized that food is a fundamental right of people in any community, anywhere they live.

That hasn't changed. The policy has faded away but not the right of people to have food, enough, safe, nutritious food.

You may not live where there are farms or places where gleaning is allowed, but perhaps each of us could grow a little extra with the express purpose of sharing with a friend or neighbor to share.

When you share, especially with someone in need, the whole community does better. Giving a little help up to someone in need has a ripple effect as that 'good will' gets passed on. Is there anyone that can't use a little Neighbor Love?

Where I live, it's easy to have a very plentiful harvest of Zucchini - and this soup is a perfect way to use it up.

Make the soup as you harvest and freeze it for your family and to share if you have freezer space. Or simply freeze the zucchini and make a big pot of Katherine Hepburn's Favorite Zucchini Soup to enjoy on a cold winter's day.  It'll warm your tummy for sure. Thanks, Debby for sharing with my family.

If you want to take it up a notch, swap out the regular yellow onions for shallots, substitute small zucchini that don't need to be seeded and have a more tender skin. Of course, increase the curry powder to your taste. You may find not all curries are equal. A quality, fresh curry powder has more punch than one of lesser quality.

However you eat it, ENJOY!

Its good sense to share - you'll spread a good feeling wherever you go.

(Did I mention all the cherries Debby shared with us last year when I was recovering from hip surgery? The jam I made tastes like it is straight from heaven!)

You can find Katherine Hepburn's Zucchini Soup Recipe here.

Promise me you'll make extra and share!

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