Spend Less

How to spend less of your money is a big challenge when prices seem to increase every day. Saving money by spending less can sometimes be a hard job for many people.


You'll have one happy face when you stay within your means.

To help you save money at the store, here are some pointers for you:

1. Determine the things that are important to you. Identify the items that you need and the items that you want to have. (Needs and Wants are quite different)  If you need to spend less or are trying to save some extra money, remember to only buy things that are needed.

2. Spend your money only on basic needs like food, transportation, shelter, and clothing. These basic needs are worth spending for because these are important for your health and security. They are the things that you cannot live without and should be allotted in your budget.

3. Make a list of the things that you want to buy and be sure that the items that you are buying are good enough to sustain your basic needs.  Learn to be satisfied with the things that you have now, as long as they are still useful and accommodate your needs.

4. Avoid unwanted purchases by trying the item first before buying it and really taking the time to consider if it is what you want and need. Don't shop with friends who talk you into unwanted purchases. This is to make sure that the item is worthy enough to acquire. Are there instances where you  buy something  without even knowing its effectiveness or think about quality?  Think about long term use, quality, and whether this item fits your budget. Will you regret it as soon as you get home – find your the dress doesn’t fit or the color or style don’t suit you – and end up with a useless item?

5. Budget your money in advance. Budgeting is just making a plan first, before spending your money. This is what puts the check on your spending before the money is gone and you remember the school fees that need to be paid or the cough medicine you no longer have money for. 

A budget also helps you to plan needs ahead so you can save up for end of the season sales or Christmas presents. Then you can pay cash and not build up debt.  

6. Compare prices, compare stores, compare product uses and benefits.   Do not limit your options to just one store only. You may find the best item that can be useful and affordable to you by window-shopping first rather than buying by impulse. Many stores out there carry the same items and can offer lower prices. 

7. You can save more money in your household by conserving electricity. Be sure to turn off appliances that are not in use.  Compare your monthly electric bills regularly to check if you are maintaining your desired bill.

8. Spend less on your transportation by traveling wisely.  Make an itinerary or plan even for local shopping or running errands.  You’ll get everything done that you need to  without wasting time or gas  or needing to back track for a forgotten item.

Being organized will help you spend less and save more money and time.

Then you'll enjoy life more. There's that smile again!

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