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Do you ask yourself: How do I stop smoking? There’s no question (you already know this, don't you?) stopping smoking is the #1 most important and effective thing you can do to improve your health.

Here are some stop smoking tips to help you get healthy and fit – and to save you buckets of money.

Smoking is a killer – and it costs a fortune. So save money. Get healthy.

Have you already quit numerous times or are you nervous at what's ahead if you do? I know you want to quit smoking – or you wouldn’t be here. The question is how to do, what help is available and do you have the perseverance to keep at it until you’ve succeeded.

As a hypnotherapist, I know lots of people have quit smoking using hypnosis. It is effective in accomplishing multiple things while you do the hypnosis to quit smoking, like stress release, boosts self-esteem, etc.)So that’s a plus. It also doesn’t require using more drugs that are harmful. (Okay, if you’re trying to get rid of the nicotine habit, why would you use more of the same killer drug?)

Stop Smoking Tip #1: Recognise where you’re at right now.

If you are still smoking, you need to ask yourself: “Am I ready to quit the smoking habit”?

There are two factors that will determine your success:

1.You must have the desire to give up your habit.

2. You must have the confidence to know that you can do it.

Desire: Do you really want to quit and get healthy? Are you willing to quit?

Lots of people try to quit smoking and fail. You may have done that yourself.

When it comes right down to it, quite often, they didn’t really want to quit and aren’t willing to make the effort. They might be trying to please someone else. Then it doesn’t work and they get to say, “See, I tried and it didn’t work, I’m just too hooked, can’t stop, too bad.”

I had a client who came to me to stop smoking. During the thorough assessment he guaranteed me that he wanted to quit for himself, not to please his wife or anything else. He was the most stubborn client I’ve ever had. We went through my stop smoking program and kept on going…Finally I did a re-assessment with him. He blurted out, “Oh, I didn’t really want to quit smoking, I just wanted to cut back a bit and that’s what I’ve done!” He was pleased as punch. I wasn’t.

Be honest with yourself. If you want to quit the smoking habit, you need to come to terms with whether you really do want to get rid of the smoking habit from your life or not. Be sincere about it. Because when you are ready, like most people who are ready to quit, it will work.

Over 60 years of smoking gone in 1 Hypnosis Session!

I’ve seen confirmed smokers quit – instantly! One client had made such a clear decision, that the minute he walked in the door for our appointment, I knew he had already quit. He knew it, too but wanted to do one session anyway. He was over 70 years of age and had smoked for over 60 years. His wife was also a heavy smoker and they seesawed back and forth about quitting. If one wanted to, the other wasn’t ready. They “knew” they had to both quit or it wouldn’t work.

But one day he made a decision. He just changed his mind about all those old decisions and ideas he’d been carrying with him.He came for an assessment and booked his sessions. Between the time we first talked and his appointment, by chance, he ran into 2 people who told him they had used hypnosis to quit smoking. Both of them had had only 1 session and had remained non-smoking for 7 and 13 years each.

Stop smoking hypnosis

Now, here is how Self Hypnosis works in everyday life. His friends said they used hypnosis, they said the hypnosis worked, and that it took only 1 session. His clear decision to quit was cemented. His self talk was: it works in one session.

His decision to quit smoking was clear: I want to stop smoking and hypnosis works so I am going to use it. It will work in one session.

The message to repeated when he listened to his two friends and allowed himself to believe them. He had effectively self-hypnotized himself.

To further cement it, he followed through with his appointment with me, did his session and kept his recordings in case he ever needed them.

How one woman quit in One Hour.

Another young woman, again a confirmed smoker of over 30 cigarettes a day, quit in one hour.

Previous to this, she’d been told repeatedly by doctors to stop smoking. Once when she had pleurisy and once when she had a bad case of Bronchitis. A doctor told her that at 28 she was a prime candidate for emphysema by the time she was 42 years old.

Did she quit? No.

Then one day she was told she was expecting a baby. It was a total surprise but one hour later she had quit without having another cigarette.

While thinking about, and visualizing, this new life, she thought, It’s one thing to harm myself but I have no right to harm another.

Back at home she thought, I'll have just one more but before that cigarette was in her mouth, she thought, If cigarettes are bad, then even one is bad. With a deep feeling of disgust to the cigarettes in her hand and without thinking she threw the pack across the room to a wastepaper basket.

She hasn’t smoked for over 35 years. I know. That woman was me.

I had a very healthy baby boy and he has never smoked!

Was that willpower? It was self-hypnosis. Strong emotion plus the visualization plus the disgust about the cigarettes in my hand had a powerful effect that ended a very bad habit.

When I studied to become a certified hypnotherapist, I understood how I had gone from a confirmed smoker to a non-smoker in minutes.


As I said before, you wouldn’t be here if somewhere deep inside you, you didn’t want to quit. So remember the past is the past. If you want to get healthy, the only time that counts is NOW.

If you’ve tried to quit before and it hasn’t worked, you probably feel bad about it. You feel like a failure and your self-esteem is suffering. That negative self-talk can really bring you down. That’s all it is though. Listen to this stop smoking tip: it's really important.

Stop Smoking Tip #2

That negative stuff is just some idle chit-chat in your head.

Shut the door on it and tell it who is the boss of your brain.

If you need to boost your confidence and self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, there are lots of ways to do it and hypnosis is probably one of the most effective.

If this is a real problem for you, then work with some hypnotherapy sessions to boost your self-esteem. Only you can assess this. For most people, the self-esteem boost and confidence will happen right in your hypnosis program.

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Stop Smoking Tip # 4: Get the facts on using Hypnosis to Kick the Habit.

Stop Smoking Tip # 5: Know the Risks: The Down and Dirty

Stop Smoking Tip # 6: Set your goals, visualize the NEW, FREE NON-SMOKER YOU... and let that be your focus.

Stop Smoking Tip # 7: Boost Self Confidence.

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May 31, 2013

Note from Mark:

" It's World No Tobacco Day today, so even more people will be attempting to quit. And that's why I've decided to take 25% off my hypnosis course 10 Steps to Being A Non-Smoker. I don't want people to stop smoking for a few miserable hours, but to quit forever.

The course is unique because you are encouraged to keep smoking until you feel ready to quit and it contains 10 hypnosis downloads which will work with your unconscious mind to stop you wanting to smoke.

There's also a download on Avoiding Weight Gain (in case you're worried about that) and one called Stay Stopped, if you need a boost once you've quit.

10 Steps to Being A Non-Smoker will be 25% off for the rest of the weekend. It's completely refundable, so if it doesn't work for you just let me know anytime within the next 3 months and you'll get your money back. We've had such success with this program that I'm happy to offer a full refund to give you peace of mind about buying from us."

Stop smoking hypnosis

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