Use Cat Litter 

8 ways - plus - to use cat litter you might not have discovered - YET. Stinky sneakers? It's just a start.

Cat or no cat, keeping a bag of cat litter around is right handy. You might want one or two for your vehicle in the winter and another one to keep in the garage.

Use Cat Litter

1. Use Cat Litter in the Garage:

Make grease spots on your garage floor or driveway disappear!
Sprinkle a thick layer of cat litter on those ugly grease spots on your garage floor or driveway.  If the oil spill is fresh, spread the litter immediately. The cat litter will soak up most of the oil quickly. 
If the stain is old, apply paint thinner to the spot, then the cat litter, leave for 12 hours and sweep it up.

Since cat litter is pretty cheap, fill some additional sacks  or socks of it and leave them near your tools or anything else that needs some help to be kept moisture-free.

2. In Your Car

Carry a bag (or two) of cat litter in the trunk of your car when traveling on icy roads. Gives added weight to your vehicle which helps with traction on slippery roads and in snow.

The bonus? The cat litter is there right handy to spread on the ice if you need extra traction in snow or ice.

3. On Icy Sidewalks

Use it on your icy stairs and sidewalks, too. I wouldn't recommend it over a really good de-icer but I've used it many times when we had an early snowfall or heavy rain that turned to ice by morning. The only problem is that it will stick to your boots and get tracked in, but compared to a bad fall, that's a minor issue for me anyway.

4. In The Closet

Stinky sneakers?  
Fill a pair of old socks with clean scented cat litter.  Tie them shut, leave in your sneakers overnight - or longer if needed.

5. As a deodorant.

You might not have thought of Kitty Litter as being a deodorant but it just makes sense. Freshen, or prevent, that musty smell.  Cat litter IS a good deodorant.

Camping gear: Fill an old socks with clean cat litter and store with your sleeping bags and tents when not in use.
Old books:  Are you a collector?  Place your musty books inside a box or tin with clean cat litter. Leave overnight.

Closet Storage:  Fill a shallow box with clean cat litter and leave in musty closet or room to absorb odors.

In the fridge: Place a small container in your refrigerator instead of baking soda to absorb odors.
Garbage cans:  Get rid of that disgusting smell from your garbage can by sprinkling some clean cat litter into the bottom of each can.  To keep them smelling fresh, change the litter in a week or so. 

This works in diaper pails, too.

6. Use Cat Litter In the Garden

Got a mole problem in your garden?

This time, use soiled cat litter. Make sure you wear strong (no holes) plastic gloves and clean your hands and any tools or scoopers you use very well afterwards.

Moles hate the smell of soiled cat litter so pour some down their tunnels to get them to move on.

7. In the Barbecue

Use kitty litter as fat absorber in your barbecue.

My dad did this for years and it seemed to work really well. Certainly made cleanup easier.  He  first took heavy duty tin foil and, using one or two layers together, folded the edges up and over shaping it into a pan, with sides that were close to 2 inches high, that would fit inside his barbecue.

If you can find a ready made made tin foil pan that is the right  size you could use that, too. It is possible to use 2 smaller size pans side-by-side also if you can't find a big enough one. The pan needs to cover the area where the grease and fat will drip down.

Use unscented 100% clay type cat litter ONLY.  Do use the recycled paper or rice hull kitty litter. Disposable Aluminum Foil Cooking Pan

You can use this for your smoker, too, following the same procedure.

Depending on how often you grill, and which foods, your kitty litter fat absorber may last the whole season without being replaced.

8. In the House

I once lived in a home that had double windows. You may have come across them, too. There's a space of a few inches between the windows and every winter, no matter how I tried to prevent it, the inside of those windows would fill with moisture. And then, the outside window would freeze on the inside so you couldn't see out. Plus it made it way colder inside.

I tried everything to keep the windows dry but I never won the war. The day we were moving out, I was commenting on it. A young man who was helping us move casually said, Didn't you use Kitty Litter? He went on to tell us how his dad would fill an old sock with clean kitty litter and lay it in between the windows to absorb the moisture! So much for all my hours hand drying and hair drier drying that window.

So, Got Moisture Anywhere you don't want it? Fill an old sock or a cut off sleeve from a old heavy shirt you no longer can use. Or be fancy and sew up door snakes (and call them window snakes) and don't forget to add some googly eyes. A couple of beady eyes looking in the window should add some spice to your day.

What ways have you found to use cat litter? I'm sure there's more than 8 handy uses for it.

We hope you found one more way to use cat litter that you hadn't thought of before. Please share! Thanks!

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