Ways to Walk For Fitness

Almost Effortless Fun and Exercise

Why is Walking A Top Way to Exercise?

There are multiple ways to walk when you choose it as part of your fitness plan. It fits into seasonal changes and a variety of communities. Walking is one of the most comfortable and effortless exercises to choose. These walking tips will show you that there is more than one way to use walking as your favorite form of exercise.

Almost anybody is able to take part in it and you can do so without spending any money on expensive exercise equipment unless the ways to walk you prefer are indoor.

If you have the ability to walk, you have the ability to stay in shape. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to fit this exercise into your lifestyle.

Let's take a look at a few of the most convenient:


Some of us prefer to do our walking in the great outdoors. As a matter of fact, some of us may end up on the mountains on the weekends in order to do some hiking.

Although this is great exercise, it is not something that is convenient for everyone. Nor is everyone equipped with good quality hiking boots which are necessary if you plan to do much hiking.

It can also be very time consuming if it is necessary to travel any distance to a place to hike. But for those who can get away it’s a wonderful way to fit a good walking exercise routine into your life.

Mentally and spiritually it’s also refreshing and relaxing whether you can go for a hike every week or every few months.

Small hikes or big walk:

You may have a park close to your home that you can access easily, even every day. If the terrain in varied this will add some variety and you’ll get an extra work-out from the added effort of going uphill and downhill.

Again just being out in such a pleasing natural environment adds an extra dose of peacefulness that many seek.

Small Walks:

Especially if you live in a city or the suburbs, your most convenient place to walk may be your neighbourhood streets. Walking suburban streets may have added benefits, too. A good pair of sturdy shoes or runners may be adequate. Often you can be out the door more quickly, at a time of day that is convenient for your schedule.

And, while the pavement may be a harder surface to walk on, it usually is free from pebbles or the unevenness that can lead to twisted ankles.

One other benefit many like is that you can drive the route so you can plot a course of whatever length works for you – and a lot of the time, by varying your route slightly, you can enjoy new scenery whenever you want. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours.

In door walking:

Of course, you don't need to really leave the house in order to enjoy a walk. If you have a treadmill, park it right in front of the television set and get up off of the couch whenever your favourite show start to come on.

Walking for an hour whenever you're watching television is one of the most effortless forms of exercise that you're going to do. For many people, of all the ways to walk for exercise, this is their preferred. You can become so engrossed in what on the screen the time just flies past. It doesn’t feel like exercising at all.

Not got a treadmill? Try “walking” on a mini trampoline or rebounder. That’s what I use. Many of the new rebounders fold up for easy storage so they don’t have to be out in the way all day.

Best Pennywise Tip: Check out garage sales for used exercise equipment.

I got my rebounder at a garage sale for $25.00 about 20 years ago and still use it.

If you are a bit unsteady, place it in a doorway or near a wall that you can hold on to. Some of the newer rebounder models have a handle attachment, too.

Walking Clubs:

If you have trouble keeping yourself motivated enough to get out the door, perhaps going with a buddy or two or joining a walking club may keep you on track.

Steve (check out his Fitness Tips at hypno-plus.com) organizes them in Beijing. The participants have a definite time and place to meet and enjoy meeting up with others, so it’s exercise with a social component.

For some really energetic and social people, who may have multiple ways to walk that they like, a walking club may meet their social needs a little better. So, if you're tha tkind of person, and have the time,if there isn’t one available near you, consider organizing one.


We can’t really talk about walking without a quick word about pedometers. These little devices that attach to your waistband are fun. They can be as complicated as you want or simple and inexpensive. You set them up to measure each step you take so you can monitor your progress.

Aim for the daily recommended 10,000 steps but if you haven’t done much walking lately, perhaps aim for a lower count at first. You know your ability level and your goals.

Walking is not only one of the most convenient forms of exercise, it is also one of the most effective exercises for good health. Having choices about the ways to walk makes it even more inviting and possible.

Find the time to put in a half hour every day in the mornings and/or a half hour in the evenings and your health will be drastically improved in a month. If one way to walk isn't working that day then you can see that there are other ways to walk that might be more convenient or suitable.

Pick your favorite ways to walk. Give walking a try, you can't really lose – and you'll gain a lot of relaxing fun and fresh air.

As always check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns before starting a new exercise program.

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