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You’ve heard about it and now you’re asking, What is Wordpress? No matter what kind of business you have, in today’s world, you need a website and a blog. Talk to any business owner and you’ll find that building beautiful and user friendly websites is their goal.

So the first part of achieving that goal is finding a website builder to start constructing your business on. It's like the foundation of a building. Once that's built, you go on to add the contents and decor

3 Part Series: Getting Started with WordPress

Part 1: What is WordPress

Part 2: Setting Up WordPress

Part 3: How To Customize with Themes and Plug Ins

Getting Started with WordPress - What is WordPress?   Best Pennywise TipsGetting Started with WordPress – What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? Getting Started with WordPress -1-screenshotsWhat is WordPress?

WordPress can be used to build a simple blog, or a full featured e-commerce website or community. It is essentially a content management system (CMS).

This (CMS) is the best term to use to describe what WordPress software can do. It helps you manage all the content that you want to distribute to the world about your business. Whether that content is a blog post, articles, products and services, or a beautiful portfolio, WordPress can deliver what you need in a website.

What is WordPress? WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Many people get confused by the term “WordPress” because they immediately think about the WordPress.com website. WordPress.com is a multi user blogging platform that uses WordPress software to operate, but it has limitations.

First, it’s hosted on WordPress.com’s servers. Secondly, you are very limited regarding the functionality of the website that you create unless you upgrade for a price.

Plus - and this is important- you do not really own your own content when you host it on WordPress.com’s servers, while you can back it up, if you don’t and they decide to delete you, you’ve lost everything. In addition, you have to follow all their rules as to what content you can display and it’s quite expensive hosting once upgraded.

In this report we are talking about WordPress.org, the free, open-source software that you can download and upload into your own server space to create dynamic websites. WordPress.org is where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the self-hosted version of WordPress. With WordPress.org you have complete control over your website including content, where you host it, and the look and feel of your website. What’s best is that it’s free. You only have to pay for hosting fees and if you choose to use premium WordPress themes or plugins. We’ll talk more about that later.

What is WordPress? What are the Benefits of using WordPress?

Due to the fact that WordPress is one of, if not the most, popular website building software that you can find, the benefits are vast. Not only is WordPress perfect for creating a simple blog site, but it's also the perfect software to create a dynamic fully-featured ecommerce website. WordPress is essentially a content management system (CMS) in which you can add functionality to make it do the things you need it to do.

What is WordPress? Some of the Benefits of using WordPress?

There are many benefits to using self-hosted WordPress to build your website such as:

1.  Simplicity -- Right now you might not believe that but WordPress is a lot easier to use than other website builders on the market. You don't need to know any code, and you can build a beautiful website in just a few hours. You don't even have to have FTP software.

What is WordPress? Getting Started with WordPress -2-clouds

2.  Cloud Based -- Due to the fact that you build your WordPress site in the cloud, you can build your website from any location using any computer. You don't have to come back to your computer to access the website building software and files. They're all up there "in the cloud" waiting for you. Even if your computer burns up in a fire you will have access to your site.

3.  Search Engine Love -- Due to the clean and simple code that is WordPress, and the fact that WordPress sites are so easily updated, search engines really love WordPress sites. They are indexed faster, and more likely to be optimized correctly due to the ease in which that can be done. So, you're more likely to be found. That's the entire point of having a site right?

4.  Control -- While some super complex things may need to be outsourced, you won't need to call on a web designer to do small updates. You will easily be able to add a page, a blog post, images, and more when you want to. You may find you only need an expert for security updates, although you can learn about that too. Nothing is too complex that you can’t learn how to do it.

5.  Customizable -- Every WordPress site can look completely unique. There isn't anything about it that cannot be changed or customized per your preferences. Depending on which theme you choose to use you can change headers, footers, sidebars, colors and more. Your website can be truly unique.

6.  Blogging -- Today everyone who has a website needs a blog and the blog should be part of the website not housed somewhere else. The point of the blog is to create content that will bring traffic to your website. WordPress makes this process easy by having the blog built in to the software, nothing new to add. You have control over where and how you want the blog to look, but the software is all inclusive.

7.  Functionality -- Outside of basic functions and blog you can also use additional software called "plugins" that enable you to give your site more functionality. Additional functions make your site more usable, such as adding social media links to your site, or a specialized contact form, or even a shopping cart. With plugins, the sky is truly the limit.

In addition, you can easily add administrators and other users to your WordPress site so that multiple people can help with the site. You can have multiple bloggers for instance; you assign them a user name and assign the access level you want to each new user. That way you can also delete them if needed. No need to feel trapped by your web designer anymore. What’s more is that a WordPress site can truly grow right along with your business.

What is WordPress? WordPress Compared to Other Options

It follows that when you ask the questions, What is WordPress, that you want to compare other products. There are other options outside of WordPress but they all have different problems and none of them are as simple to use as WordPress. But, it's fair to talk about them so that you know the difference. There are many more options than listed below, but most options outside of WordPress have a huge learning curve.

Getting Started with WordPress -3-comparisonsWhat is WordPress? Comparisons
  • Textpattern - This is a publishing platform that is also a free open source CMS a lot like WordPress. However, in order to use this powerful platform it's important that you understand PHP and have an awareness of what a CMS can do. Because of this, you may as well use WordPress.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver - You've likely heard of this website building software. You must purchase it and upload it on your computer to use. Although Adobe does now offer its creative suite so that you can get a more cloud like feel and updated software, and they claim you can build a dynamic site without understanding code, just don't do it. It's frustrating to use for most people including developers.

  • Yahoo! SiteBuilder - While this is a popular way that some businesses build websites for their business it's not very intuitive and the sites often don't look very professional unless you understand how code works and just code the site yourself. Using the builder can be frustrating. You also cannot do much to help your site rank with a Yahoo! site.

  • Go Daddy's Builder - They offer a few options, one of which is called Website Tonight. It is confusing, convoluted, and most people hate it when they try it. They claim that anyone can build a site "tonight" that is up and running tomorrow but the fact is it's not very easy to use and will not build a dynamic site that is easy to update like WordPress.

The truth is, none of the builders out there are going to be as simple to use, or as effective as WordPress. While one might build what you think are really beautiful awesome sites, something will be missing on the back end that enables people to find your site. Beauty is just as important as functionality when it comes to websites.

With WordPress you are able to create not only beautiful and useable sites, but sites that people will find. That’s what makes WordPress different. WordPress is designed for search engine optimization (SEO). As long as you go through each section of your Dashboard to properly set up each area, and blog regularly, you will get more visitors to your WordPress site than other types of websites.


What we're talking about here are programs, content management systems, to build a website. And that's good! 

But what about building a business? That's a whole different thing. 

Read how others go beyond just using a CMS to building a successful E Biz. Have you got BAM?  These people do.

3 Part Series: Getting Started with WordPress

Part 1: What is WordPress

Part 2: Setting Up WordPress

Part 3: How To Customize with Themes and Plug Ins

What is WordPress?Getting Started with WordPress – What is WordPress?

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