The Wheat Free Pantry List

Eliminating wheat and going gluten free? Here's a Wheat Free Pantry List to help you keep your cupboards stocked so you always have the right ingredients on hand. Look for the 50 Substitutions for Wheat List, too.

Now that you have cleaned the pantry shelves of all wheat-containing products, it’s time to refill them with the essentials to begin your wheat-free diet. These are the most commonly used ingredients in most wheat-free recipes.

The list includes both pantry and refrigerated products.

Wheat Free Pantry List


Almond flour – Use alone or in combination with other flours in breads, cakes and pastries

Amaranth Flour – Light brown flour with a nutty taste. Use in combination with other flours

Brown rice flour – Use with other flours in breads

Coconut flour – Can be used alone or combined with other flours in baked goods

Corn meal/flour – Used for cornbreads

Gram flour (besan) – Made from chickpeas 

Potato flour – Ground from whole potatoes to be used as a thickener

Quinoa flour – Can be substituted for any grain. Adds moisture to baked goods

Sorghum flour

Sweet potato flour

White rice flour – Bob's Red Mill brand, or find it at your local Asian or Mexican market  


A variety of mustards

Almond milk, unsweetened

Avocado oil

Baking powder (aluminum-free)

Baking soda

Canned fish like tuna, salmon

Cheeses – Keep a variety on hand, including Parmesan, mozzarella, and ricotta

Coconut oil


Extra virgin olive oil

Flaxseed Oil

Fresh ground pepper

Fruits of every kind – Fresh, frozen and dried

Greek yogurt – Plain (replaces sour cream)

Ketchup (read labels to find ones that are wheat free)

Lean protein meat

Lemons and limes

Lentils of every kind

Maple syrup

Onions and garlic

Raw honey

Salad dressing – Kraft Russian, Newman's Own Italian, and Marie's Blue Cheese are good wheat-free choices

Sea salt

Shirataki noodles (in the refrigerated section)

Soy milk

Spaghetti squash – Use it in place of pasta and top with your favorite sauce, cheese, etc.

Spices – Keep a wide variety. Make your own taco seasonings, Asian seasonings and barbecue seasonings to avoid added wheat in pre-packaged seasonings

Tea (if you drink it; herbal or otherwise)

Vegetables of every kind – Fresh, frozen and dried


Wheat-free stock (preferably homemade)

Baking Supplies

Active dry yeast

Applesauce or other fruit sauces (preferably natural)

Arrowroot powder (for thickening without flour)

Cocoa powder, unsweetened

Coconut milk (canned and carton)

Coconut, shredded and unsweetened

Corn starch

Dried fruit

Extracts – Almond, coconut, vanilla

Flax or other seeds (for baking, replacing eggs, or just extra nutrition)

Ground nut meals – Ground almonds, pecans, walnuts

Knox gelatin packets

Nut butters (peanut, almond, hazelnut etc.)

Nuts – Raw almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts; chopped walnuts or pecans for baking

Potato starch

Quick self-raising yeast

Sparkling water


Tapioca starch

Grains, Rice, Cereals

Brown rice                              

Gluten-free oats – These are oats specially handled to eliminate cross-contamination with wheat

Long grain rice

Millet – Grass that can be substituted for sorghum in most recipes


Quinoa – Can be substituted for any grain. Used whole as a hot cereal, or ground into flour. Adds moisture to baked goods.

Rice noodles – Find these at Asian markets

Short grain rice

Soba or buckwheat pasta – Made from buckwheat flour

Wild rice (which is not technically rice)

Your Wheat Free Pantry List may include:

Packaged Goods

Gluten or wheat free packaged goods aren't necessary if you have the time and desire to make all these gluten free pantry goods yourself. But even a cook with the best of intentions may get too busy, become ill and unable to cook, or have any other kind of emergency come up where you aren't able to cook or bake the type of food you choose.

If you absolutely can not eat gluten, it may be a good idea to keep some store bought packaged goods available for just such emergency times.

Gluten-free pizza crust

Gluten or wheat-free pastas like brown rice spaghetti

Gluten or wheat-free baking mixes

Food For Life brown rice bread

KIND meal bars – Purchase in bulk on

Wheat Free Pantry List, in depth:

Grains & Flours

Arrowroot, amaranth, almond flour, brown rice, cassava, buckwheat, tef, bean flour, brown rice flour, chickpea flour, yucca, corn flour, cornmeal, cottonseed, tapioca flour, soy flour, rice and rice flour, pulses, sago, job's tears, flaxseed, Milo, quinoa, potato flour, millet and pea flour


-Brussels sprouts, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, lettuce, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, potato, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, radish, turnips, avocado, carrots, watercress, squash, artichokes, beans, asparagus, beets, onions, celery, okra, corn, parsley, eggplant and cucumber


Mandarin, limes, oranges, mangoes, carobs, acai berries, cantaloupe, cherry, grapes, cranberries, kumquat, dates, kiwifruits, figs, quince, apples, strawberries, raspberries, tamarind, watermelon, apricot, tangerines, blueberries, lemons, bananas, papaya, persimmons, passion fruit, peach, pear, plums and pineapple

Poultry and Meat

Turkey, rabbit, quail, eggs, lamb, chicken, veal, goat, venison, duck, beef, buffalo, goose and pork

Dairy Foodstuffs

Plain yogurt, milk, butter is also gluten-free but make sure that you check on the gluten additives on the package, various types of cheese are gluten-free except for blue cheese

Food Additives

Gelatin, honey, algin, yeast, pectinase, soy lecithin, apple cider vinegar, guar gum, rosin, saffron, annatto, sucrose, xantham gum, karaya gum, maltodextrin, pectin, galactose, vanillin, lactose, acacia gum, tagatose, tragacanth gum, maltol, isinglass, lecithin, tara gum, ester gum, corn sweetener and white rice vinegar

Nutritional Supplements

Lipase, spirulina, papain, whey protein isolate, casein, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed caseinate, casein, whey, pure vitamins, whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate

Wheat Free Pantry List, Recipes:

Recipe: Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie made with Betty Crocker™ All-Purpose Gluten Free Rice Flour Blend

The Best Pennywise Tips Wheat Free Pantry List can make life easier when you are working to go gluten free. Hope this helps. If you share, thanks. We appreciate it!

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